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Holland was conceived in Los Angeles, to cinematographer Keith Holland and performing artist Darnell Gregorio-De Palma. Her mother was remarried to meting out Brian De Palma from 1995-97. She grew going on subsequent to two sisters: Brianna Holland (b. 1988) and Piper De Palma (b. 1996).

Willa Holland Snapchat Name is @willaaaah

Holland went to Palisades Charter High School for just a month and a half by now her vocation was taking off and bookish peers were cavalier of her acting interests. At age seven, Holland played at her stepfather’s neighbor’s ablaze in The Hamptons, New York. The neighbor, Steven Spielberg, was recording blazing recordings and revealed to Holland’s folks, “You must area her past a camera.” Upon coming mitigation to Los Angeles that September, Holland marked considering Ford Modeling Agency at age seven, and promptly reserved a shoot for Burberry.

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Willa Holland Snapchat Name is @willaaaah

The adjacent-door year, 1999, De Palma took Holland to a dramatic take steps handing out. From that narrowing speak to she has showed taking place in numerous national plugs. Amid 2001 bearing in mind than Holland was ten, she worked available her cinematographer father in Ordinary Madness. She was even slated to co-star in the 2005 Fox contract The Inside behind kindred model Rachel Nichols, still left the perform later than essayist Tim Minear was acquired to redesign it.

Willa Holland Snapchat account is @willaaaah

She assumed the share of Kaitlin Cooper a propos speaking the order of The O.C.; at first as a repeating feel in season 3, yet later as a mature-lucky in season four. In December 2007, Holland was thrown in the autonomous pretense film Garden Party, assuming the share of April, a vexed high school exasperating model who tries to make it in Los Angeles. In September 2008, The CW avowed Holland would comport yourself going on in three scenes of the second era of the high schooler dramatization TV join up Gossip Girl, made by The O.C. maker Josh Schwartz.

Willa Holland Snapchat Name is @willaaaah

Holland assumed the portion of a defiant 16-year-outdated model who becomes a near acquaintence subsequent to and makes devastation for Taylor Momsen’s environment. In March 2010 Holland made a coincidental reward in the sixteenth scene of the third season, “The Empire Strikes Jack,” which disclosed March 29, 2010. In May 2010, Square Enix declared she would be voicing Aqua in the PlayStation Portable title, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which was discharged more or less September 7, 2010 in North America. That same year Holland featured in her initially genuine studio film in the prophetically calamitous thriller film Legion assuming the allocation of a bratty young people.

Willa Holland on Snapchat  is @willaaaah

She played adolescent seductress Janice Heddon in the film Straw Dogs, a regulate of the 1971 film of a same reveal. The film opened in September 2011. In February 2012, Holland was thrown in The CW badly anxiety experience incorporation Arrow, which depends roughly the Green Arrow comic books, where she plays Thea Queen, the sister of Oliver Queen. In the film Tiger Eyes discharged in April 2012, Holland featured as Davey Wexler. The film depended regarding the 1981 novel of a complex publicize composed by Judy Blume.

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