Paul Darbos Snapchat

Paul Darbos is a French self-made social media star and he started his career on YouTube in March 17, 2017. He thought of making a YouTube channel because he wanted to use his large number of followers to do something that he likes : making videos. He didn’t want to start on YouTube alone so he opened a channel with a friend of him. Unfortunately they got confused, they didn’t want to work together so Paul opened his own YouTube channel. His many followers served as a springboard for his career on YouTube. His fans can also find him in his Snapchat account, under the name « pauldsnap ».

On his various social networks, he was always called ‘Paul’, he never revealed his last name to his followers until December 2016. He chose to reveal his true identity to mark a change in his life.

Paul Darbos Snapchat

About Paul Darbos

Paul Darbos is a French Social Media Personality. He was conceived on December 25, 1990 in Dax, Landes, France. He has a total reach of more than 2 million followers on social networks.

Paul Darbos Snapchat name is @pauldsnap

He is a renowned Twitter star who first made his online appearance with his own account in December 2011, previously he used pseudonyms.

At the age of twenty, Paul Darbos took to social networking. He wanted to be a social media star. He quickly created his own little circle of followers on ‘Twitter’ using different techniques (buzz, rumors, quotes and other things). With constant updates on social media, he has become popular. His account is propelled to the rank of Twitter accounts most followed in France (top 50) as regarding his too much popularity. He has currently almost 2 million followers. He was so active on Twitter from the very first day but he deleted many old tweets because he wants to use this platform as a way to promote his future videos.

But this is not the end : he is equally popular on Instagram with more than 200,000 followers and 100,000 followers on Vine.

Although it is difficult to find out or tag the exact aspects that make him tremendously popular among his fans and viewers across social media platforms, one can be sure that his cuteness and his personality looks have definitely played a big role in his journey as a social media star.

Before Fame

Immediately after graduating from high school, Paul began studying law at a French university and at the same time become a budding social media personality. He stopped studying and now focuses on his career.

Family Life

Not much is known about his parents.  However, it is known that they divorced when he was young and he lived with his mother and his only sister named Claire.

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