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His Snapchat epic begins with the lady, referred to just as Elizabeth, attempting to get dressed. It’s just 9.45pm however Ekow Fynn, 27, has plainly as of now had enough, yelling at his young lady as she battles to fit in her dress: “Huge shock Willy Wonka, you spend your entire life eating chocolate. In any case, Elizabeth chooses to spare the nibble for later and endeavors to carry the crisps into the club between her legs.

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Once inside the 21-year-old turns it up an apparatus, swiping drinks from a lager pong table and hopping on top of the bar as Ekow yells: “Get down, this isn’t Coyote Ugly.” The combine throw in the towel soon after 4am and go to McDonalds. Be that as it may, by this point Elizabeth is prepared for quaint little inn out on the grass encompassed by chicken tenders. While Ekow posted a moment video demonstrating the following day’s headache, there’s a possibility Elizabeth’s head won’t not have felt excessively sore.

The couple, from Ontario, Canada, have picked up an immense Facebook taking after posting comparable recordings and hypothesis some of their jokes are played up for the camera.For more snapchat username keepvisiting our website https://famouspeoplesnapchat.com

What is Bunk Damn it Elizabeth Snapchat?

Bunk Damn it Elizabeth Snapc is @cotdammitelizabeth.

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