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Conceived in Las Vegas, Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marquez, otherwise known as Arianny Celeste, is best known as a ring young lady for the UFC. Arianny went to Palo Verde High School and went to school at UNLV, majoring in wellness and sustenance. She booked her initially displaying work when she was four months old for an auto put organization. She began demonstrating again at age 17.

Arianny Celeste started her business as a ring young lady in the mid of 2007 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. In 2010 she got a movement of evaluations by magazines. Sports Illustrated named her Lady of The Day, while she was recorded as 2006 Ring Girl of the Year by Fighter’s Only Magazine and The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl by Maxim. In 2010, she took a secondary school understudy named Conner Cordova to a move pledge drive for Haiti seismic tremor casualties. The understudy had already asked her to his prom in 2009 with a progression of YouTube tapes which she acknowledged, however was in this way not able to go to. She has a web indicate called ‘UFC Eventual Insider’ which initially publicized in 2010. That year she additionally postured bare for Playboy magazine and was voted Ring Girl of the Year 2010 at the MMA Awards.

Arianny Celeste recorded a motion picture called “Repost or Die.” “I played one of the principle parts. It was so much fun and I might truly want to accomplish additionally acting. I have a show called ‘Video Vault’ that pretense locally in Vegas.however, my primary concentration at present is singing, and I’m chipping away at my demo at this moment. It’s my obsession and I cherish doing it. I help compose the greater part of my melodies and I pick every one of the tracks.


To keep fit as a fiddle, Arianny Celeste works out no less than four times each week. “I get a kick out of the chance to change my schedules so I don’t get pooped, and some of the time I box at the UFC gym.I dependably do cardio, weights and sit-ups.but I adore working out: It gives me so much vitality and I feel a feeling of achievement in the wake of working out. I additionally eat strongly.”

Arianny Celeste cherishes mutts and has two, one a rodent terrier, the other, a Yorkshire terrier. She appreciates watching MMA battling. “I adore working the group. It’s dependably fun when I look at somebody and they get animated. It’s truly fun particularly when the group is unruly and eager to be there.”

Arianny Celeste said one of the misguided judgments in regards to Octagon young ladies is that “individuals believe we’re ditzy and imbecilic. Be that as it may, the UFC young ladies have changed the amusement. It’s not just about sauntering around, demonstrating the products. We’re not in thongs and high heels. You should be taught about the game in case will speak to the UFC. You can be the most wonderful young lady on the planet yet in the event that you can’t discuss the game then you’re not profitable to them. Arianny Celeste included, “In case you’re a person and by age 18 you haven’t been in a battle, you’re not living. That is to say, I’m a young lady and I’ve been in two. Live.”For more celebrities snapchat usernames keep visiting

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Arianny Celeste Snapchat name is @ariannyceleste.

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